The Canada Start-Up Visa Programme

Canada is a G7 country with one of the world’s best performing economies over the past decade. Canada offers a cosmopolitan, family-friendly lifestyle, with several world-class cities. Geographically speaking, the country offers incredible natural beauty, including oceanic coastlines, immense forests, rugged mountains, vast prairies and pristine beaches. As the world’s second largest country, it is also rich in natural resources, including the world’s second largest oil reserves and fourth largest supply of fresh water.



The Start-Up Visa (SUV) Programme connects Canadian business organizations with immigrant entrepreneurs who have the skills and potential to build information technology and innovative businesses in Canada. The SUV is a fast, cost effective and reliable immigration stream into Canada that provides Permanent Residency (PR) from day one. Unlike other business immigration paths, the PR status is not tied to the success of the business. Children 21 years of age and younger may be included.
The SUV programme takes as little as 12 – 18 months to process and the client and family receive PR upon arrival.
Residency & Citizenship
While Permanent Residency (PR) is provided from day one, it is necessary to reside in Canada for 730 days (two years) within a five-year period to uphold the PR status.
Investors and their family members are eligible to apply for citizenship if they live in Canada for three out of the five years (1,095 days) preceding the citizenship application, have an adequate knowledge of English and/or French and have no criminal record.
• Citizens enjoy visa-free travel to 184 countries
Eligibility Requirements

• Investment capital requirement of CAD $350,000
• Be accepted by a “authorized designated-organization”
• Basic proficiency in English or French (CLB 5 or greater)
• Applicant must be an accredited investor by satisfying
one of the following criteria:
– Individual income of $200,000 or combined with spouse $300,000
– Financial assets of $1 million (including spouse)
– Net assets of at least $5 million (including spouse)
• Cannot be inadmissible to Canada for medical, security or criminality reasons
• Two plus years of post-secondary education (preferred)
• Business ownership or management experience (preferred)

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