Greece immediate permanent residency Programme

Greece is the birthplace of democracy and western philosophy. It is one of the oldest civilizations in Europe, steeped in artifacts and historical sites, but also a place of natural beauty which beckons you with its emerald shoreline, hills of pine trees and olive groves. Its people, who hold great pride in their traditions and heritage, welcome you to its shores with the warmest. The Golden Visa Programme was launched in 2013 to attract foreign residency in Europe via a real estate purchase. It is also the only European programme offering immediate permanent residency.

Summary of Key Advantages
• Investment in property for as little as EUR 250,000
• Permanent residency from day one
• Visa-free Schengen access
• Opportunity to live and do business in EU member state
• Full family residency for applicant’s parents and children up to age 21 years
• No minimum residency stay requirements
• Fast application process of three months to receipt of Residence Permit
• Extremely pleasant climate coupled with a relaxed lifestyle

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