The Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Programme

Located in South Eastern Europe, Montenegro is considered one of Europe’s most naturally stunning, economically dynamic and up-and-coming countries on the continent. With a varying landscape spread over 13,800 square kilometres, Montenegro is slightly larger than Cyprus and over 40 times larger than Malta. This picturesque country is lined with over 115 beaches that feature a warm Mediterranean climate and over 230 days of sunshine per year.
The Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Programme (CIP) was launched in late 2019 to boost foreign direct investment and stimulate the economy.
Requirements/Investment Options
Real Estate
• EUR 450,000 investment in real estate on the coast of Montenegro or in the capital city of Podgorica, OR
• EUR 250,000 investment in real estate in the northern part of Montenegro
In addition to the real estate purchase, applicants must make a non-refundable donation to the Government Fund of Montenegro in the amount of EUR 100,000.

Summary of Key Advantages
• Citizenship obtained within 4 to 6 months
• Visa-free access to 125 countries
• Montenegro is on-track for EU Membership by 2025
• Dual citizenship is permitted
• Only one visit required after receiving the approval in principle
• Low corporate and personal income tax and no tax on inheritance or gifts
• Potentially one of the fastest growing real estate markets in Europe
• Access to USA through E2 Investor Visa treaty, giving citizens the ability to apply for the non-immigrant visa
• No Requirement to learn Montenegrin and English is widely spoken

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